2015.03.27 | Research news

The new GEM database is now live

2015.03.12 | Research news

eBee saves the day: mapping Greenland’s Zackenberg Research Station

When global mapping specialist COWI was employed to map 125 square kilometres of remotest Greenland, its staff took two drones into the field: a long-range UAV system and a backup eBee. When the larger system developed technical issues, the senseFly more than proved its mettle.

2015.03.12 | Research news

Data from the climate station at Zackenberg

Data from the main climate station in the Zackenberg Valley, Northeast Greenland, is shown with one day delay and includes air temperature, soil temperature, air pressure, relative humidity, incoming shortwave radiation, wind speed, wind direction and snow depth. The climate station is run by ClimateBasis (Asiaq) - part of the GEM programme.