The MarineBasis programme collects physical, chemical and biological data from the Greenland coastal zone. Work is focused in two fjord systems (Godthåbsfjord and Young Sund) both influenced by glaciers connected to the Greenland Ice Sheet.

The programme delivers base-line data that enables identification of long-term trends in key parameters such as sea ice coverage, ocean temperature, salinity and pH, nutrient dynamics, primary production and marine biodiversity. Data from the program are integrated in several work groups under the Arctic Council such as CBMP, AMAP and CAFF.

The MarineBasis programme leads and collaborates actively in research projects that increase knowledge of how climate impacts the marine ecosystems in Greenland. A specific focus has been comparative studies along large scale gradients in Greenland complementing the time series from the focus sites.

MarineBasis Nuuk Manual

For further information please contact MarineBasis manager Thomas Juul-Pedersen