2015.06.04 | Research news

Koblingen mellem indlandsis, fjord og CO2-optag afdækkes i Nuup Kangerlua (Godthåbsfjord)

Processerne omkring afsmeltningen af Grønlands indlandsis har mistet lidt mere af deres mystik. Forskere ved Grønlands Naturinstitut har i samarbejde med internationale forskere tilføjet ny viden om meteorologi, kemi, biologi og fysik i samspillet mellem Grønlands indlandsis og Nuup Kangerlua (Godthåbsfjord).

2015.04.08 | Research news

New website brings together the Arctic research of the Danish realm

ISAAFFIK Arctic Gateway is the name of a new Arctic web portal, which opens on April 8 and will be a dynamic tool for anyone working in the Arctic.

2015.03.27 | Research news

The new GEM database is now live

2015.02.27 | Research news

INTERACT: Call for transnational access to four North-American sites is open until 31st March

Two Canadian and two US partners in INTERACT are opening transnational access to European-based research groups for conducting studies at their field sites in 2015.

2015.02.01 | Research news

Arctic Science Summit Week 2015

Arctic Science Summit Week 2015 The ASSW 2015 will take place in Toyama, Japan, 23-30 April 2015 and include the Fourth International Symposium on the Arctic Research (ISAR-4) and the Third International Conference on the Arctic Research Planning (ICARP III), in addition to the business meetings of the participating organizations. Please notice…

2015.01.13 | Research news

The 2015 field season in the Kobbefjord area

Any research project planning to implement a scientific activity at the field station in the Kobbefjord area, (NERO - Nuuk) must submit an application form no later than 2 month before the beginning of fieldwork. This is done by completing the present form and sending it to:  Application form for fieldwork in the Kobbefjord area…

2014.12.15 | Research news

NERO and ZERO Annual Reports 2013

NERO - Nuuk Ecological Research Operations 7th Annual Report and ZERO - Zackenberg Ecological Research Operations 19th Annual Report.  The reports have been published and can be downloaded. Please notice that Aarhus University does no longer publish the ZERO and NERO Annual Reports in printed versions but only as PDF-files.Hard copies of older…