Zackenberg Research Station extends its facilities again

Based on generous fundings from Aage V. Jensen Charity Foundation and Aarhus University it has become possible to extend the facilities belonging to Zackenberg Research Station further. In 2010 we will build a 154 square metre research house in Daneborg with accommodation facilities for ten scientists, laboratory and storage facilities. This house will together with a 144 square meter boat house build in 2005 constitute the base for marine research at Zackenberg Research Station. The marine facility is situated approximately 25 km south of the main station - mainly servicing terrestrial projects - at Zackenberg. Any scientists being interested in using the facilities in Daneborg from 2011 and onwards can apply for this (including transport to/from Daneborg) by using the application form at the Zackenberg Research Station homepage,

Also at Zackenberg we will extend the facilities in 2010. The activities at Zackenberg have increased significantly since International Polar Year (IPY), and accordingly we need more storage facilities for the run of the station and storage of equipment belonging to research projects. Accordingly we will build a 50 square meter storage facility at Zackenberg in August 2010.

The two projects have a total budget of c. 1 mill. Euros.

Both buildings will be produced as construction sets in Denmark before being shipped to Northeast Greenland. This allows for the building period in Northeast Greenland to be less than three weeks.