2015.02.27 | Research news

INTERACT: Call for transnational access to four North-American sites is open until 31st March

Two Canadian and two US partners in INTERACT are opening transnational access to European-based research groups for conducting studies at their field sites in 2015.

2015.02.12 | Research news

Aarhus University offers new cross-disciplinary Arctic study programme in Nuuk

Aarhus University is part of a collaboration behind a new study programme specialising in Arctic conditions. The programme is for university students from all over the world.

2015.02.04 | Research news

On top of the world

A huge mapping task - the surveying of 75 km² of a remote area of Greenland – was carried out in just four weeks in August last year. Erik Lysdal and Niels Martin Schmidt explain how it was done.

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