2020.10.22 | Research news

GEM Scientist of the Month - October

This October, there has been more time already to reflect on the sampling that had been achieved and to give the fresh monitoring data a first scan. Our scientist of the month October, Jannik Hansen, looks back at this year’s short fieldwork season due to Covid-19 in Greenland, but also on his experiences as BioBasis permanent staff within GEM.

2020.10.07 | Research news

Young Sound: the least productive fjord in Greenland

The title of this article recently published in the GEM Annual Report cards 2019 might seem bold, however, Johnna Holding, Mikael Sejr and colleagues have been studying primary production by phytoplankton in fjords around Greenland for the past several years. They find that, indeed, the site of the MarineBasis monitoring programme in Young Sound…