Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring

GEM: Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring (GEM) is an integrated monitoring and long-term research programme on ecosystems and climate change effects and feedbacks in the Arctic. Since 1994 the programme has established a coherent and integrated understanding of the functioning of ecosystems in a highly variable climate, which is based upon a comprehensive, long-term inter-disciplinary data collection carried out by Danish and Greenlandic monitoring and research institutions, primarily at the two main field stations: Nuuk in low arctic West Greenland and Zackenberg in high arctic Northeast Greenland. 

The vision of GEM: Focusing on Greenland, GEM will contribute substantially to the basic scientific understanding of arctic ecosystems and their responses to climatic changes and variability as well as the potential local, regional and global implications of changes in arctic ecosystems. GEM will maintain and strengthen its position as an internationally leading integrated long-term monitoring and research programme. 

Scientific coordination: Scientific coordination between GEM partners and external partners is carried out by the GEM Coordination Group. Overall priority setting in the GEM programme is resolved in the GEM Steering Committee. 

GEM Coordination Group:
• Aarhus University, Denmark
• Asiaq - Greenland Survey, Greenland
• Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics, Austria
• Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, Greenland
• National Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Denmark
• University of Copenhagen, Denmark
• University of Southern Denmark, Denmark 

GEM Steering Committee:
• Danish Energy Agency/Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Buildings, Denmark 
• Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation/Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science
• Environmental Protection Agency/Danish Ministry of the Environment
• Ministry of Nature, Environment and Justice/Government of Greenland, Greenland
• Aarhus University, Denmark
• Asiaq – Greenland Survey, Greenland
• Greenland Institute of Natural Resource, Greenland
• National Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Denmark
• University of Copenhagen, Denmark


2016.03.21 | Research news

ZERO Zackenberg, ZERO Daneborg, Young Sund and Tyrolerfjord is now on Google Streetview

Thanks to a good effort from Asiaq last summer, Zackenberg Research Station can now be explored in Google Streetview. In addition, two boat trips where made to the ZERO Daneborg station facility and into Tyrolerfjord.   Zackenberg Research Station - Zackenberg Bridge - Zackenberg Climate Station - ZERO Daneborg - Tyrolerfjord  

2016.02.04 | Research news

GEM synthesis workshop 17-19 November 2015

The workshop was held at Sandbjerg Gods in South Jutland, Denmark

2015.07.31 | Research news

INTERACT - a new and updated version of the INTERACT Station Catalogue has been published

The INTERACT Station Catalogue 2015 is available in digital format (114 MB).

2015.06.18 | Research news

Zackenberg Forskningsstation (in Danish only)

Interview med viceinstitutleder Mikkel P. Tamstorf, Bioscience, Aarhus Universitet, i DR P1 Eftermiddag

2015.06.15 | Research news

20 år med forskningsstationen Zackenberg

Stationen fungerer hver sommer som en magnet for forskere fra hele verden, der blandt andet studerer klimaforandringer, den arktiske biologi og økosystemers sammenhæng.

2015.06.12 | Research news

9 videnskabelige opdagelser fra det nordøstligste Grønland (in Danish only)

Forskningsstationen Zackenberg fejrer 20 års jubilæum – her er 9 opdagelser man har gjort deroppe.

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