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The university uses cookies to give you the best user experience. Because some of the technology we use only functions when we use cookies, and because we, through the collection of statistics we can make better decisions about how to improve your user experience.

Therefore, we ask for your consent to set cookies. If you accept all or selected categories of cookies, they are stored on your computer, tablet or mobile.

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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file, that is stored on your computer, mobile or similar device. When visiting our website it is sent forth and back between your browser and a web server. It is used by AU or a third party, which is described more specific under the cookie descriptions at the bottom of this page. Cookies cannot contain malicious code such as virus.

Cookies can be either temporary or permanent. The temporary cookies are linked to one specific visit, and are deleted again when you close the website. The permanent cookie is saved on your computer, mobile or tablet for a period of time. How long the various cookies remain is described in the cookie descriptions at the bottom of the page. Each time you visit the website, however, the cookie will be renewed and the period will thus start all over again

What data is collected via cookies?

Most cookies collect anonymous data, such as the amount of time of your visit to the website, what pages you have visited, whether your computer, tablet or smartphone has used the pages before, which website you came from, which browser and operating system you use and the like.

In some cases, IP addresses are also collected, which are personally identifiable data. Therefore, you can also read our Privacy Policy (link), which tells how we at AU process personal information.

If any of the third party services, we use, process data on behalf of AU, we will, if possible, enter into a Data Processing Agreement with them. The supplier is thus not allowed to use the data for their own purposes or to pass them on to others.

Purpose of setting cookies

The university uses its own cookies and cookies set by our partners for the following purposes:

Necessary cookies

These cookies make it possible to use basic website functionality, e.g. navigation etc. The website does not work without these cookies.

Statistical cookies

These cookies provide the university with anonymised data on how the user interacts with the website. For example, information about how often the user visits the website, and which pages the user visits.

Marketing cookies

These cookies make it possible for the university to target advertising on our websites and social media, so you will see the content that is most relevant for you.

Functionality cookies

These cookies store information about the user’s choices on the website such as language or login.

You can consent to all cookies, to one or more of the four categories of cookies, or you can select and deselect specific cookies. Necessary cookies can not be deselected, however, as the website then may not work properly.

Withdrawal of consent

You can always revoke and change your consent. You do this at the bottom of this page. If you deselect categories of cookies or specific cookies that you have previously consented to, these will be deleted when you save the cookie settings again.

It is also possible to delete or block cookies. See the guide:

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