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2020 GEM publications

Abrego, N., T. Huotari, A. J. M. Tack, B. D. Lindahl, G. Tikhonov, P. Somervuo, N. Martin Schmidt, O. Ovaskainen & T. Roslin (2020a) Higher host plant specialization of root-associated endophytes than mycorrhizal fungi along an arctic elevational gradient. Ecology and Evolution, 10, 8989-9002.

Abrego, N., T. Roslin, T. Huotari, A. J. M. Tack, B. D. Lindahl, G. Tikhonov, P. Somervuo, N. M. Schmidt & O. Ovaskainen (2020b) Accounting for environmental variation in co-occurrence modelling reveals the importance of positive interactions in root-associated fungal communities. Molecular Ecology, 29, 2736-2746.

Beest, F. M. v., L. T. Beumer, M. Chimienti, J.-P. Desforges, N. P. Huffeldt, S. H. Pedersen & N. M. Schmidt (2020) Environmental conditions alter behavioural organization and rhythmicity of a large Arctic ruminant across the annual cycle. Royal Society Open Science, 7, 201614.

Chimienti, M., J.-P. Desforges, L. T. Beumer, J. Nabe-Nielsen, F. M. van Beest & N. M. Schmidt (2020) Energetics as common currency for integrating high resolution activity patterns into dynamic energy budget-individual based models. Ecological Modelling, 434, 109250.

Christensen, T., T. Barry, J. J. Taylor, M. Doyle, M. Aronsson, J. Braa, C. Burns, C. Coon, S. Coulson, C. Cuyler, K. Falk, S. Heiðmarsson, P. Kulmala, J. Lawler, D. MacNearney, V. Ravolainen, P. A. Smith, M. Soloviev & N. M. Schmidt (2020) Developing a circumpolar programme for the monitoring of Arctic terrestrial biodiversity. Ambio, 49, 655-665.

Cuyler, C., J. Rowell, J. Adamczewski, M. Anderson, J. Blake, T. Bretten, V. Brodeur, M. Campbell, S. L. Checkley, H. D. Cluff, S. D. Côté, T. Davison, M. Dumond, B. Ford, A. Gruzdev, A. Gunn, P. Jones, S. Kutz, L.-M. Leclerc, C. Mallory, F. Mavrot, J. B. Mosbacher, I. M. Okhlopkov, P. Reynolds, N. M. Schmidt, T. Sipko, M. Suitor, M. Tomaselli & B. Ytrehus (2020) Muskox status, recent variation, and uncertain future. Ambio, 49, 805-819.

Ehrich, D., N. M. Schmidt, G. Gauthier, R. Alisauskas, A. Angerbjörn, K. Clark, F. Ecke, N. E. Eide, E. Framstad, J. Frandsen, A. Franke, O. Gilg, M.-A. Giroux, H. Henttonen, B. Hörnfeldt, R. A. Ims, G. D. Kataev, S. P. Kharitonov, S. T. Killengreen, C. J. Krebs, R. B. Lanctot, N. Lecomte, I. E. Menyushina, D. W. Morris, G. Morrisson, L. Oksanen, T. Oksanen, J. Olofsson, I. G. Pokrovsky, I. Y. Popov, D. Reid, J. D. Roth, S. T. Saalfeld, G. Samelius, B. Sittler, S. M. Sleptsov, P. A. Smith, A. A. Sokolov, N. A. Sokolova, M. Y. Soloviev & D. V. Solovyeva (2020) Documenting lemming population change in the Arctic: Can we detect trends? Ambio, 49, 786-800.

Fuglei, E., J.-A. Henden, C. T. Callahan, O. Gilg, J. Hansen, R. A. Ims, A. P. Isaev, J. Lang, C. L. McIntyre, R. A. Merizon, O. Y. Mineev, Y. N. Mineev, D. Mossop, O. K. Nielsen, E. B. Nilsen, Å. Ø. Pedersen, N. M. Schmidt, B. Sittler, M. H. Willebrand & K. Martin (2020) Circumpolar status of Arctic ptarmigan: Population dynamics and trends. Ambio, 49, 749-761.

Gillespie, M. A. K., M. Alfredsson, I. C. Barrio, J. Bowden, P. Convey, S. J. Coulson, L. E. Culler, M. T. Dahl, K. M. Daly, S. Koponen, S. Loboda, Y. Marusik, J. P. Sandström, D. S. Sikes, J. Slowik & T. T. Høye (2020a) Circumpolar terrestrial arthropod monitoring: A review of ongoing activities, opportunities and challenges, with a focus on spiders. Ambio, 49, 704-717.

Gillespie, M. A. K., M. Alfredsson, I. C. Barrio, J. J. Bowden, P. Convey, L. E. Culler, S. J. Coulson, P. H. Krogh, A. M. Koltz, S. Koponen, S. Loboda, Y. Marusik, J. P. Sandström, D. S. Sikes & T. T. Høye (2020b) Status and trends of terrestrial arthropod abundance and diversity in the North Atlantic region of the Arctic. Ambio, 49, 718-731.

Hopwood, M. J., D. Carroll, T. Dunse, A. Hodson, J. M. Holding, J. L. Iriarte, S. Ribeiro, E. P. Achterberg, C. Cantoni, D. F. Carlson, M. Chierici, J. S. Clarke, S. Cozzi, A. Fransson, T. Juul-Pedersen, M. H. S. Winding & L. Meire (2020) Review article: How does glacier discharge affect marine biogeochemistry and primary production in the Arctic? The Cryosphere, 14, 1347-1383.

Høye, T. T., J.-C. Kresse, A. M. Koltz & J. J. Bowden (2020) Earlier springs enable high-Arctic wolf spiders to produce a second clutch. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 287, 20200982.

Ji, Y., T. Huotari, T. Roslin, N. M. Schmidt, J. Wang, D. W. Yu & O. Ovaskainen (2020) SPIKEPIPE: A metagenomic pipeline for the accurate quantification of eukaryotic species occurrences and intraspecific abundance change using DNA barcodes or mitogenomes. Molecular Ecology Resources, 20, 256-267.

Jung, J. Y., A. Michelsen, M. Kim, S. Nam, N. M. Schmidt, S. Jeong, Y.-H. Choe, B. Y. Lee, H. I. Yoon & Y. K. Lee (2020) Responses of surface SOC to long-term experimental warming vary between different heath types in the high Arctic tundra. European Journal of Soil Science, 71, 752-767.

Kahlert, M., K. M. Rühland, I. Lavoie, F. Keck, E. Saulnier-Talbot, D. Bogan, R. B. Brua, S. Campeau, K. S. Christoffersen, J. M. Culp, S. M. Karjalainen, J. Lento, S. C. Schneider, R. Shaftel & J. P. Smol (2020) Biodiversity patterns of Arctic diatom assemblages in lakes and streams: Current reference conditions and historical context for biomonitoring. Freshwater Biology, n/a.

Kankaanpää, T., E. Vesterinen, B. Hardwick, N. M. Schmidt, T. Andersson, P. E. Aspholm, I. C. Barrio, N. Beckers, J. Bêty, T. Birkemoe, M. DeSiervo, K. H. I. Drotos, D. Ehrich, O. Gilg, V. Gilg, N. Hein, T. T. Høye, K. M. Jakobsen, C. Jodouin, J. Jorna, M. V. Kozlov, J.-C. Kresse, D.-J. Leandri-Breton, N. Lecomte, M. Loonen, P. Marr, S. K. Monckton, M. Olsen, J.-A. Otis, M. Pyle, R. E. Roos, K. Raundrup, D. Rozhkova, B. Sabard, A. Sokolov, N. Sokolova, A. M. Solecki, C. Urbanowicz, C. Villeneuve, E. Vyguzova, V. Zverev & T. Roslin (2020) Parasitoids indicate major climate-induced shifts in arctic communities. Global Change Biology, 26, 6276-6295.

Koebsch, F., O. Sonnentag, J. Järveoja, M. Peltoniemi, P. Alekseychik, M. Aurela, A. N. Arslan, K. Dinsmore, D. Gianelle, C. Helfter, M. Jackowicz-Korczynski, A. Korrensalo, F. Leith, M. Linkosalmi, A. Lohila, M. Lund, M. Maddison, I. Mammarella, Ü. Mander, K. Minkkinen, A. Pickard, J. W. M. Pullens, E.-S. Tuittila, M. B. Nilsson & M. Peichl (2020) Refining the role of phenology in regulating gross ecosystem productivity across European peatlands. Global Change Biology, 26, 876-887.

Krause-Jensen, D., Archambault, P. , Assis, J. , Bartsch, I. , Bischof, K. , Filbee-Dexter, K. , Dunton, K. , Maximova, O. , Ragnarsdóttir, S. B. , Sejr, M. K. , Simakova, U. , Spiridonov, V. , Wegeberg, S. , Winding, M. H. S. and Duarte, C. M. (2020):  ,  . doi: (2020) Imprint of climate change on pan-Arctic marine vegetation. Frontiers in Marine Science, 7 , p. 617324.

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van Beest, F. M., L. T. Beumer, M. Chimienti, J.-P. Desforges, N. P. Huffeldt, S. H. Pedersen & N. M. Schmidt (2020) Environmental conditions alter behavioural organization and rhythmicity of a large Arctic ruminant across the annual cycle. Royal Society Open Science, 7, 201614.

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