Going to zackenberg or Daneborg 2021? 


The Zackenberg secretariat is still hopeful and planning for a normal season at Zackenberg 2021. Note deadline for applications for field visits 2021 is February 15.

Zackenberg and Daneborg are situated within the National Park in Northeast Greenland and access is therefore regulated in accordance with the legal stipulations issued by The Greenland Government in an Executive Order.

When going to Zackenberg Research Station or its branch facility at Daneborg you must complete the Zackenberg application form thereby providing all pertinent information – and submit the completed form to the Zackenberg secretariat ( at Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University. 

Please notice that applying for access to Zackenberg or Daneborg presupposes the applicant and co-workers to comply with the regulations and conditions stated in the ZERO Site Manual.

When filling out the online application forms, it is recommended not to use Electronic signatures.

Price list for the 2021 field season 

  Please also check the "To do list for project at Zackenberg Station", "Recommended Packing List", and "Encounters with Wildlife".  


Photo: Henrik Spanggård Munch