The 2015 field season at Zackenberg Research Station. DEADLINE 16 February 2015

Any research project planning to implement a scientific activity at Zackenberg Research Station (ZERO – Zackenberg) and/or the branch facility at Daneborg (ZERO – Daneborg) must apply for access to Zackenberg Research Station. This is done by completing and signing the present form (one project per application form)and relevant appendixes, and sending them to: The Zackenberg Secretariat before 16 February 2015.

The Zackenberg Secretariat will take care of all practicalities in relation to your travel to Zackenberg, including the application for a permit to travel into the National Park of North and Northeast Greenland.

Before you complete and submit this form, you must read the ZERO Site Manual. When signing this form as a principal investigator (PI), you acknowledge and accept the conditions and requirements in the ZERO Site Manual as well as the responsibility to inform all your co-workers of the contents of this manual. We need all the information asked for in the form, and therefore we cannot approve your project without a completed form.

We kindly inform you that staying at Zackenberg is at your own risk. All project participants (including yourself) should be properly insured during their stay at Zackenberg (i.e. having relevant search and rescue insurance (SAR), company injury insurance, medical insurance and other relevant insurances) either by an insurance issued by a commercial insurance company or by self-insurance by their institution. The Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University, takes no responsibility for the safety of users of Zackenberg Research Station.

Zackenberg Application form 2015 

Appendix A: Health information

Appendix B: Map of zones

Appendix C: Map of zone 1 

Appendix D: Search and rescue insurance statement (research institution)  

Appendix E: Search and rescue insurance statement (insurance company) 

Appendix F: Registration of invasive projects  

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