Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring

Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring (GEM) is an integrated monitoring and long-term research programme on ecosystems and climate change effects and feedbacks in the Arctic. Since 1995 the programme has established a coherent and integrated understanding of the functioning of ecosystems in a highly variable climate, which is based upon a comprehensive, long-term inter-disciplinary data collection carried out by Danish and Greenlandic monitoring and research institutions. 

The GEM Programme put around 75 scientists in the field annually to collect data on ecosystem and climate change in Greenland. The data base currently covers data from monitoring programmes from Zackenberg (1995-), Kobbefjord at Nuuk (2007-) and Disko (2017-). The well over 1000 parameters are freely available via the GEM Database and used by GEM participants and external scientists to produce scientific papers, scientific assessments, advisory reports, etc.


GEM features as a central component in video portraying the Aarhus University contributions to ecosystem monitoring and research activities Greenland.

2020.12.15 | Research news

GEM Scientist of the Month - December

This month we hope to lighten up your day with the last 2020 GEM Scientist of the Month - Signe Hillerup Larsen from GEUS. The GEM programme are happy to welcome Signe as the new GlacioBasis manager in Zackenberg. Here she shares her love for the A.P. Olsen ice cap, and how she is involved in making arctic research more accessible to children.

2020.11.24 | Research news

GEM scientist Of The Month - November

This month we have interviewed Arno Hammann, who is the new programme manager of ClimateBasis Disko since January 2020. We are happy to get his story on how he finally reached his ‘destination’ in Greenland, where the climatic and ecological changes are happening very fast - just outside his windows.

2020.10.22 | Research news

GEM Scientist of the Month - October

This October, there has been more time already to reflect on the sampling that had been achieved and to give the fresh monitoring data a first scan. Our scientist of the month October, Jannik Hansen, looks back at this year’s short fieldwork season due to Covid-19 in Greenland, but also on his experiences as BioBasis permanent staff within GEM.

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