GEM operates as an interdisciplinary center without walls and is established as a collaboration between institutions in Denmark and Greenland. The GEM organisation consists of a Steering Group, a Secretariat, a Coordination Group and sub-programme leaders.

The GEM Steering Group consists of representatives from the main science institutions involved in the programme, with observers from relevant authorities from Denmark and Greenland. The Steering Group is responsible for the overarching strategy and oversees the work carried out by the GEM Secretariat and Coordination Group.

The GEM Secretariat consists of a Scientific Leader, an Academic Secretary and a Database Manager. The Scientific Leader is responsible for the development of the GEM strategy and ensuring high quality and standard of scientific work and outputs.

The GEM Coordination Group consists of the Scientific Leader, Academic Secretary, Database Manager, sub-programme leaders and one logistician from each of the GEM long-term multidisciplinary monitoring sites (Zackenberg, Disko and Nuuk).

Sub-programme leaders from the main institutions involved in GEM lead the five GEM sub-programmes: ClimateBasis, GeoBasis, BioBasis, MarineBasis and GlacioBasis.

Coordination group members

1. Aarhus University, Denmark
2. Asiaq - Greenland Survey, Greenland
3. Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, Greenland
4. National Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Denmark
5. University of Copenhagen, Denmark
6. Technical University of Denmark

Steering Committee members


Aarhus University
University of Copenhagen
National Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, GEUS
Greenland Institute of National Resources
Asiaq - Greenland Survey


Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate
Ministry of Environment and Food
Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education
Departement of Nature and Climate