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2019 GEM publications

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Abermann, J., Eckerstorfer, M., Malnes, E., & Hansen, B. U. (2019). A large wet snow avalanche cycle in West Greenland quantified using remote sensing and in situ observations. Natural Hazards. doi:10.1007/s11069-019-03655-8

Abermann, J., Van As, D., Wacker, S., Langley, K., Machguth, H., & Fausto, R. S. (2019). Strong contrast in mass and energy balance between a coastal mountain glacier and the Greenland ice sheet. Journal of Glaciology, 65(250), 263-269. doi:10.1017/jog.2019.4

Deuerling, K. M., Martin, J. B., Martin, E. E., Abermann, J., Myreng, S. M., Petersen, D., & Rennermalm, Å. K. (2019). Chemical weathering across the western foreland of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 245, 426-440. doi:10.1016/j.gca.2018.11.025


Ameline, C., Høye, T. T., Bowden, J. J., Hansen, R. R., Hansen, O. L. P., Puzin, C., . . . Pétillon, J. (2018). Elevational variation of body size and reproductive traits in high-latitude wolf spiders (Araneae: Lycosidae). Polar Biology, 41(12), 2561-2574. doi:10.1007/s00300-018-2391-5

Cable, S., Christiansen, H. H., Westergaard-Nielsen, A., Kroon, A., & Elberling, B. (2018). Geomorphological and cryostratigraphical analyses of the Zackenberg Valley, NE Greenland and significance of Holocene alluvial fans. Geomorphology, 303, 504-523.

Christensen, C., Jacobsen, M. W., Nygaard, R., & Hansen, M. M. (2018). Spatiotemporal genetic structure of anadromous Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus) populations in a region experiencing pronounced climate change. Conservation Genetics, 19(3), 687-700. doi:10.1007/s10592-018-1047-x

Cirtwill, A. R., Roslin, T., Rasmussen, C., Olesen, J. M., & Stouffer, D. B. (2018). Between‐year changes in community composition shape species’ roles in an Arctic plant–pollinator network. Oikos, 0(0). doi:doi:10.1111/oik.05074

de Boer, T. E., Roelofs, D., Vooijs, R., Holmstrup, M., & Amorim, M. J. B. (2018). Population-specific transcriptional differences associated with freeze tolerance in a terrestrial worm. Ecology and Evolution, 8(7), 3774-3786. doi:10.1002/ece3.3602

Dirk van As, R. S. F., John Cappelen, Roderik S.W. van de Wal, Roger J. Braithwaite,, & team, H. M. a. t. P. p. (2018). Placing Greenland ice sheet ablation measurements in a  multi-decadal context. Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin, 35, 71–74.

Docherty, C. L., Riis, T., Milner, A. M., Christoffersen, K. S., & Hannah, D. M. (2018). Controls on stream hydrochemistry dynamics in a high Arctic snow-covered watershed. Hydrological Processes, 32(22), 3327-3340. doi:10.1002/hyp.13256

Daan, B., Samuel, F., Imre, B., Riikka, R., Anders, M., & Bo, E. (2018). Contrasting above‐ and belowground organic matter decomposition and carbon and nitrogen dynamics in response to warming in High Arctic tundra. Global Change Biology, 24(6), 2660-2672. doi:doi:10.1111/gcb.14017

Fausto, R. S., and PROMICE. (2018). The Greenland ice sheet – snowline elevations at the end of the melt seasons from 2000 to 2017. Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin, 41, 71-74.

Kankaanpää, T., Skov, K., Abrego, N., Lund, M., Schmidt, N. M., & Roslin, T. (2018). Spatiotemporal snowmelt patterns within a high Arctic landscape, with implications for flora and fauna. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research, 50(1), e1415624. doi:10.1080/15230430.2017.1415624

Karami, M., Westergaard-Nielsen, A., Normand, S., Treier, U. A., Elberling, B., & Hansen, B. U. (2018). A phenology-based approach to the classification of Arctic tundra ecosystems in Greenland. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 146, 518-529. doi:10.1016/j.isprsjprs.2018.11.005

Keogan, K., Daunt, F., Wanless, S., Phillips, R. A., Walling, C. A., Agnew, P., . . . Lewis, S. (2018). Global phenological insensitivity to shifting ocean temperatures among seabirds. Nature Climate Change, 8(4), 313-318. doi:10.1038/s41558-018-0115-z

Koltz, A., Schmidt, N. M., & Høye, T. T. (2018). Differential arthropod responses to warming are altering the structure of arctic communities. Royal Society Open Science, 5(171503). doi:10.1098/rsos.171503

L., D. C., M., H. D., Tenna, R., Magnus, L., Jakob, A., & M., M. A. (2018). Spatio-temporal dynamics of macroinvertebrate communities in northeast Greenlandic snowmelt streams. Ecohydrology, 0(0), e1982. doi:doi:10.1002/eco.1982

Loboda, S., Savage, J., Buddle, C. M., Schmidt, N. M., & Høye, T. T. (2018). Declining diversity and abundance of High Arctic fly assemblages over two decades of rapid climate warming. Ecography, 41(2), 265-277. doi:doi:10.1111/ecog.02747

Middelbo, A. B., Sejr, M. K., Arendt, K. E., & Møller, E. F. (2018). Impact of glacial meltwater on spatiotemporal distribution of copepods and their grazing impact in Young Sound NE, Greenland: Impact of meltwater on copepod carbon cycling. Limnology and Oceanography, 63(1), 322-336.

Moreau, J., Perroud, L., Bollache, L., Yannic, G., Teixeira, M., Schmidt, N. M., . . . Gilg, O. (2018). Discriminating uniparental and biparental breeding strategies by monitoring nest temperature. Ibis, 160(1), 13-22. doi:doi:10.1111/ibi.12507

Qiu, C., Zhu, D., Ciais, P., Guenet, B., Krinner, G., Peng, S., . . . Ziemblinska, K. (2018). ORCHIDEE-PEAT (revision 4596), a model for northern peatland CO2, water, and energy fluxes on daily to annual scales. Geoscientific Model Development, 11(2), 497-519.

Rasmussen, L. H., Zhang, W., Hollesen, J., Cable, S., Christiansen, H. H., Jansson, P.-E., & Elberling, B. (2018). Modelling present and future permafrost thermal regimes in Northeast Greenland. Cold Regions Science and Technology, 146, 199-213.

Rousk, K., Sorensen, P. L., & Michelsen, A. (2018). What drives biological nitrogen fixation in high arctic tundra: Moisture or temperature? Ecosphere, 9(2), e02117. doi:doi:10.1002/ecs2.2117

Sonne, C., Andersen-Ranberg, E., Rajala, E. L., Agerholm, J. S., Bonefeld-Jørgensen, E., Desforges, J.-P., . . . Magnusson, U. (2018). Prevalence of antibodies against Brucella spp. in West Greenland polar bears (Ursus maritimus) and East Greenland muskoxen (Ovibos moschatus). Polar Biology. doi:10.1007/s00300-018-2307-4


Thiemer, K., Christiansen, D. M., Petersen, N. S., Mortensen, S. M., & Christoffersen, K. S. (2018). Reconstruction of annual growth in relation to summer temperatures and translocation of nutrients in the aquatic moss Drepanocladus trifarius from West Greenland. Polar Biology, 41(11), 2311-2321. doi:10.1007/s00300-018-2371-9