ClimateBasis programme

The ClimateBasis programme monitors climate and hydrology in Zackenberg and Kobbefjord and is run by Asiaq - Greenland Survey. The collected data build base-line information on climate variability and trends for all the other sub-programmes within GEM and serve as a trustworthy foundation for adaptation strategies for the Greenlandic society. The stations are embedded in Asiaq’s extensive climate and hydrology monitoring network. Furthermore, the run-off data is delivered to the World Hydrological Cycle Observing System (WHYCOS) and the Global Runoff Data Centre (GRDC) networks.

Atmospheric parameters are collected redundantly at each location on two separated masts with individual energy supply in order to be able to treat data gaps and sensor biases consistently. Hydrometric parameters are monitored on various automated stations. A challenging focus is put on the establishment of reliable stage-discharge relations, whose temporal stability depends on the river bed. At the river Zackenberg for instance, repeated glacier outburst floods require an updated stage-discharge relation every year, where the related field work is performed together with the GeoBasis sub-programme. Glaciological measurements (surface mass and energy balance, ice flow) complement the monitoring activities in Kobbefjord on a small mountain glacier and two fully equipped energy balance stations (one in Upernaviarsuk in South Greenland, one in Qaanaq in North Greenland) have been added to the sub-programme after 2012.