Remote Sensing and Ecosystem Modeling

The purpose of the Remote Sensing and Ecosystem Modeling sub-programme is to create products and frameworks aligned with the three science themes from the GEM 2022-2026 strategy, for use by national/international stakeholders and researchers. The data from the Remote Sensing and Ecosystem Modeling sub-programme will be made freely available to users, and we will put an effort in upgrading the GEM database to include these datasets with oftentimes high storage space requirements. 

  • Product 1: Satellite-based cloud cover
  • Product 2: Downscaled 2m monthly air temperature grids
  • Product 3: Skin and sea surface temperature from satellite
  • Product 4: Snow depth (snow water equivalent) model
  • Product 5: High resolution snow cover (over land and sea ice) and albedo
  • Product 6: Carbon, water, energy cycles modeling
  • Product 7: Enhanced high resolution land-cover classification
  • Product 8: Topographic wetness index (TWI)
  • Product 9: Spectral and structural canopy diversity
  • Product 10: Marine chlrorophyll-a
  • Product 11: Coastal underwater light
  • Operational product 12: Satellite-based NDVI
  • Operational product 13: Satellite-based Land surface temperatures