2020.10.07 | Research news

Young Sound: the least productive fjord in Greenland

The title of this article recently published in the GEM Annual Report cards 2019 might seem bold, however, Johnna Holding, Mikael Sejr and colleagues have been studying primary production by phytoplankton in fjords around Greenland for the past several years. They find that, indeed, the site of the MarineBasis monitoring programme in Young Sound…

2020.09.28 | Research news

GEM Scientist of the Month - September

This SOTM series has until now only covered scientists from ClimateBasis, GeoBasis, BioBasis and MarinBasis. So we are happy to present Michele Citterio from the GlacioBasis programme in this ‘Scientist of the Month’, introducing some of his thoughts on science, open access data and his electronics hobby.

2020.08.27 | Research news

GEM Scientist Of The Month - August

This Scientist Of The Month features Efrén López-Blanco. Coming from Spain he never imagined to end up so tightly bonded to the Arctic. He is an active GEM database user since 2014, and is soon starting a new position in Greenland, and just had a paper published with data from the GEM sites in Kobbefjord and Zackenberg.

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