2020.04.21 | Research news

Scientist of the Month - April

This month we take another deep look into the site and marine monitoring programme at Disko Bay as well as outreach in the shape of education with GEM scientist Per Juel Hansen from University of Copenhagen. Interested in microbial interactions, he particularly focuses on how climate change alters the plankton community structure and production in…

2020.03.26 | Research news

Scientist of the Month - March

Kerstin Rasmussen is the GEM scientist of the month, and is one of the persons behind a new cartoon teaching kids in Greenland about the GEM programme!

2020.02.17 | Research news

Scientist Of The Month - February

This month’s GEM scientist of the month Torkel Gissel Nielsen has been working for the MarineBasis program in Disko Bay off Qeqertarsuaq since 2018. Through monitoring of physical, chemical and biological parameters he studies the effects of climate change on the marine ecosystem, aiming at a better understanding on how the marine pelagic…

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