Contacts for data acquisition

The DTM and hyperspectral data described on these pages are available for all scientists with research projects at Zackenberg in NE-Greenland. Most of the data are however of a high spatial resolution and hence quite big. The data can therefore be requested on DVD for a minor fee covering the data handling expenses. A scanned and geocoded version (4 m resolution) of Christian Bay's vegetation map is included for download at the bottom of the page.

The following institutions should be acknowledged when publishing work based on these data:

- Department of Bioscience,Aarhus University
Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen

The following datasets are available:

2m digital terrain model (ENVI-format)

(111 Mb, download )

4m digital terrain model (ENVI-format, corresponds in size to the HS-cube)

(41 Mb, download )

10 m curves (shapefile format)

(7.5 Mb, download )

25 m curves (shapefile format)

(3 Mb, download)

Coastline (shapefile format)

(18 Kb, download)

Documentation for the DTM and orthophoto


ECW orthophoto (0.2 m resolution)

Tiff orthophotos (25 Mb/frame,  (named as xxx_yyyy where xxx is UTM easting/1000 and yyyy is UTM northing/1000)

HyMap strips (raw data, no geocoding)


HyMap out files (flight info)

(4 Mb, download)

HyMap strips (reflectance data, no geocoding)


HyMap 3D cube (reflectance data, geocoded)NOTE: Currently not available


Documentation for the hyperspectral data set


Vegetation map
Vegetation map (C.Bay, 1998, 4m resolution, geocoded, ENVI-format) NOTE: Currently not available

Vegetation map (C.Bay, 1998, shapefiles)