Hyperspectral data cube

The HyMap data cube has 126 bands in the original data set. This view shows an RGB image of band 75, 35 and 16 with the intensity of the 126 bands shown on a scale from blue over green and red to yellow.

Raw data
The hyperspectral data cube was delivered as raw data from HyVista corporation as described on the campaign info page. These raw data has all the available information for this type of data. Any atmospheric or geometric correction will alter the raw signal and might destroy useful information. The raw data are therefore available for specific use where low signals and minor absorption bands are critical. The original output files describing the campaign and scanning info are also available.

Atmospheric corrected data
Atmospheric correction was performed on the strips using ATREM with user input of standard atmospheres, ozon-layer thickness etc. The atmospheric corrected strips are also available for research use.

Atmospheric and geometric corrected data cube The data was then geometric corrected using the DTM and the PARGE software. Due to the relatively poor IMU data it was not necessary to perform a good geocoding of the total mosaic. A best fit can be obtained with more manual input GCP's obtained from the orthophotos. This will be done within first half of 2003 and the resulting cube made available for request from these pages. The mosaic shown below is therefore not correctly fixed in space and can only be used for analyses where link to other geographical data is not necessary. A subset of the final mosaic is shown on the top of this page and the full extent on the image below:

Full extent of hyperspectral data cube that  corresponds to the area of the DTM.